Gym Mats – 5 Great Reasons to Use Rubber Gym Flooring

Gym Mats – 5 Great Reasons to Use Rubber Gym Flooring

Introduction: Who Needs Fitness Gym Flooring?

Gym flooring is a very important part of the fitness space. It can help provide a safe and comfortable surface for people to exercise on. It also provides a visual and safety barrier between the equipment and the rest of the room, which of course is important for safety reasons.

There are many different types of gym mats that can be used for gyms, including rubber mats, vinyl mats, and carpet tiles. The great part about rubber mats is that they can be used in areas where there is heavy traffic or when there are a lot of people working out at once. Foam mats are available – which initially offer more cushioning than rubber mats – but are more difficult to clean and more susceptible to damage from use.

For these reasons, we recommend using rubber tiles for your gym flooring. Our rubber flooring is partially made from recycled rubber, meaning they are more sustainable than other products – these gym mats will last much longer, and provide unparalleled traction.

A key advantage of rubber gym mats is that they can be used for many different types of sports and fitness activities such as circuit training, cardio activities, and resistance training. Gym mats are also known for their durability and can be used in many settings from the core of a commercial fitness space to a small home workout space.

Benefits of Rubber Gym Flooring

Rubber gym flooring is an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It is a durable material that provides a safe and comfortable surface for people to exercise on. It is also affordable, which makes it accessible for many different types of gyms, not just those with a large budget.

Rubber gym flooring can last for years with proper maintenance. This type of flooring can be used in many settings (not just fitness!), and are waterproof, so will provide floor protection in all sorts of settings for years to come.

Rubber gym mats are designed to provide cushioning when people exercise on them. They are often placed under equipment or machines in order to provide extra protection from the hard surfaces they rest on, such as concrete floors, hardwood, or tile floors.

Floor Protection

Over the long term, rubber mats are also cheaper than other types of gym flooring such as carpet or tiles, and will make your floors last longer due to superior impact absorption.

People Protection

These mats provide traction, which protect against slips, falls, and injuries – especially important when lifting heavy weights, or moving quickly!

The texture of the gym mat provides great traction
The texture of the gym mat provides great traction and reduces slips, improving safety.


Our rubber gym flooring is a type of flooring that is designed to be used in gyms. It is made from a material that has high elasticity and can withstand heavy weights; gym mats are a great way to give your gym or even home workout space a traditional gym feel whilst also providing a safe surface for people to exercise on.

Maintenance and Cleaning

One of the best parts of these mats is that they’re easy to clean!

The grippy underside of the rubber exercise mats keeps them in place, making it easy to clean up any mess you may have made during your workouts – just sweep them clean.

Rubber Mats Improve the Appearance of Your Gym Flooring

Gym mats help to add that professional look to your gym space, whether in a commercial or home setting. They don’t just protect equipment and the floor but also people – so they’re great for showing you care about your customers, gym members or even your friends and family. Gym mats are also known for giving a professional finish to any fitness area.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Perfect Fitness Gym Mat

In conclusion, rubber mats provide various benefits versus other materials such as foam-based gym mats. We have a few types of mats to provide perfect solutions for all sorts of environments, depending on needs and requirements; however we tend to recommend the following products as a starting place!

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