Rubber Gym Matting to Create Effective Lifting Platforms and Workout Stations

Rubber Gym Matting to Create Effective Lifting Platforms and Workout Stations

What are Rubber Matting Workout Stations?

Rubber matting can be used to create lifting platforms and workout stations at indoor fitness centres, gyms, etc. – these mats are useful as they are able to protect the floor just in the area needed. Take a look at our deadlift stations, for example, which provide enough space to perform barbell exercises, making them perfect for weight training, even in smaller spaces.

When Should You Use Workout Stations?

Home gyms will benefit using lifting platforms or workout stations such as the deadlift platform or free weight stations, as these will protect your floor from damage caused by heavy weights. We have a circuit training station which is a versatile product and can be used to to create a cushion between a person and the floor when performing high impact exercises.

Commercial gyms will benefit from the professional look as well as the protection benefits of the matting.

Deadlift station platform
Rubber matting used to create a deadlifting platform

Picking the Right Rubber Mats for the Job

We’ve made it easy with our pre-assembled workout station mats, so you can quickly set up some lifting platforms at your gym! These are suitable for weight lifting, but also creating circuit training stations.

However, if you have other requirements, you can contact us to get the best solution for your needs.

Installation of the Mats

Our workout stations are complete with ramped edging! They are easy to install with an interlocking system. You simply lay out the mats and interlock the edges. Unlike other options when it comes to flooring for gyms, with our mats, there’s no adhesive required to keep the mats in place, making it easy to relocate them or remove them completely if required.

Benefits of Using Rubber Matting to Create Workout Stations or Lifting Platforms

Workout stations provide most of the benefits of installing a new layer of protective flooring, but at a fraction of the cost.

Another benefit is sectioning off areas to be used for specific types of activities; this is especially true of a lifting platform, such as a deadlift platform.

The mats ensure that the floor, equipment, and even customers/users are protected, by providing cushioning from the impact of weights dropping on the ground. This reduces or eliminates damage to plates, bars, and the floor underneath the workout area.

Rubber matting lifting platforms deadlift platform
Deadlift station matting

Due to the shock absorbing nature of the rubber matting, it can increase comfort when performing cardio activities, compared to performing those same activities on hard flooring. The mats help to reduce slipping, again improving comfort.

Finally, the rubber matting helps to deaden the sound of weights, people, etc. hitting the ground, which makes for a more professional finish and pleasant experience for customers (or your neighbours!).


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