Guide to Ramped Edging for Gym Matting

Guide to Ramped Edging for Gym Matting

What is ramped edging for gym mats?

Ramped edging is a safety feature that can be installed to help reduce trip hazards. Our ramped edge strips can be attached to the edge of your matted areas to add an incline to the edge. This drastically reduces trip hazards when joined with interlocking mats, but each style of interlocking mat requires a slightly different edging piece.

This type of edging is installed on the floor, at the edge of the matted area of our interlocking mats to prevent people from tripping and falling over the raised edge, but also provides a cleaner finish on the matted area, giving it a straight edge, as opposed to the jigsaw-style edge of the interlocking mats.

Where is it appropriate to use ramped edging?

Tile edgings are perfect for interlocking tiles and corners, and for edges which don’t fit flush to a wall.

If you have any places where your matting does not fit against a wall, we recommend you use the ramped edging to reduce the hazard of trips due to the raised edge of the gym mats. This is especially true of commercial gyms and fitness studios where the high levels of foot traffic will inevitably lead to falls and trips over the mat edges.

How is interlocking ramped edging installed?

Each mat has a corresponding edge – we’ve made this easy to work out based on the product pages, however if in doubt, just ask!

As for installation, it could not be easier! The ramped gym edge will interlock with the edge of the mat and will stay in place with no adhesive. Once you know how many mats you require, you can work out the perimeter the amount of corners you’ll require to add edging strips. Again, if you need help with this, just contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend the correct amount of edging for you.

Deadlift station edging diagram
Example of matting with edging

Looking for gym matting options?

We have a range of interlocking and straight edge mats available for a multitude of settings, from gyms, studios, sports clubs, and fitness centres.

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